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Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned that friends will forgive you for anything, even being the tyrannical leader of a brainwashing and abusive cult who nearly got Equestria destroyed for the pettiest of shit.

Your less than satisfied fan, Xain Russell

((Spoilers ahead!))


Let me start off by saying that this was a good episode, in spite of my biggest complaint. Flurry Heart is freaking adorable, seeing Celestia and Luna actually do something is pretty cool even if it is minor, and Dorky Dad Shining is just the best. Hell, credit where credit is due, even Starlight Glimmer is a pretty good character here, very reminiscent of Sunset Shimmer... And there in lies the problem.

Starlight IS Sunset, just without the growth and development that Sunset went through in the second EQG movie. Starlight is completely pointless when they already have a perfectly good character for this role, who still hasn't returned to Equestria to make amends with everyone else she's hurt. What of Sunset's family? Or her relationship with Celestia? They could have easily swapped out Starlight for Sunset and I would have had no complaints. Instead, Starlight is now Twilight's student, and they try to pretend that whole cult thing and nearly destroying Equestria wasn't a big deal. Hell, they they even try and say it was Starbursts fault for not trying to stay in touch instead of Starlight. Which is such a load of bull. 

Starlight is always going to have her actions in Season 5 hanging over her head, and until they address just how petty she was, than I don't think I can ever truly accept her. Nothing she did in this episode even comes close to Sunset Shimmer's saving grace at the end of Rainbow Rocks.

All in All, a very good episode, but Starlight's past is like this gigantic elephant in the room and everyone is trying to pretend either doesn't exist or is just a quirk of her personality.




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So, what are your thoughts on the rest of the Season 6 episodes of My Little Pony? I've noticed you haven't written a review on an MLP episode since the Season 6 premiere episodes.
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